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Incentive Program

AIC is implementing an incentive program for AIC Members (AACI, CRA, Candidates or Students). The referred Member as well as the referrer will each received $100 off their respective registrations.

How it works?

Complete THIS FORM and submit to Anik Aubé at before April 17, 2019. Your form will be submitted for approval. Once approved, you will receive notice that you are able to register. Note: do not register before advised by AIC National Office

Terms & Conditions

  •  Both parties must be an AIC Member
  •  Both parties must pay and attend the conference for the incentive to be valid
  •  Member being referred must have never attended a National AIC Conference
  • Valid for full conference registration only
  • Maximum 1 discount per person
  • Forms will no longer be accepted after April 17, 2019
  • Should only one Member register from the referral, you will be required to pay the outstanding balance.