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Opening Keynote: Zahra Al-Harazi
Award-Winning Entrepreneur | Purpose-Driven Leadership Expert
Considered among Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs, Al-Harazi helps people and organizations realize their potential for success by finding their purpose. She draws on her experience as a pioneering woman in the business world with a unique approach to attitude, leadership, and success, as well as her experience as a refugee, immigrant, entrepreneur, and community builder.
Learn more about Zahra here.

Keynote: David Chalk 
Technology Navigator | Artificial Intelligence & Cybersecurity Expert
David Chalk is a Realistic Futurist with a 25-year history of accurately predicting the interaction of humans and machines. Awarded a Doctorate Degree in technology by the University of the Fraser Valley, Chalk presents what audiences need to know to succeed in business, technology and life. As an expert on technology and disruptive innovation, David has worked in Artificial Intelligence at the highest levels and can unconditionally confirm that humans will always triumph over machines and why.
Learn more about David here