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The AIC Advantage

AIC designations deliver personal and professional rewards

Becoming an Appraisal Institute of Canada-designated appraiser opens doors across the entire real estate sector and sets you on a career path that is both personally and professionally rewarding. AIC designations are nationally and internationally recognized hallmarks of quality. AIC members who have achieved them are widely respected and sought after by investors, federally and non-federally regulated financial institutions, the courts, all levels of government and the private sector. For many, an AIC-designated appraiser is the only appraisal professional of choice.

AIC-designated appraisers have diverse competencies that make them successful at what they do, including:


Ability to analyze information; identify key issues, relationships or objectives; diagnose opportunities; make inferences and draw logical conclusions.


Ability to identify patterns between situations that are not related, and identify key issues in complex situations. It includes using creative, conceptual or inductive reasoning.


Ability to make decisions based on the analysis of the information presented, despite ambiguity or risk.


Taking pride in ensuring tasks are completed with a focus on accuracy and quality.


Focus on discovering and meeting the needs of your client. There is a genuine desire to help or serve others.

AIC designations offer opportunity and flexibility.

Armed with an AIC designation, appraisers can choose to pursue their profession in a diverse range of organizations involved in the real estate sector. Many practice on their own or as part of an appraisal consulting firm. Others choose to work for lenders and insurers or pursue careers in the development and retail sectors. Some practice as members of the public service at the national, provincial and local levels. Regardless of where they choose to practice, AAICs and CRAs play a central role in a dynamic sector.

AIC-designated members can be confident that they will earn a good income despite the economic situation. In a 2019 survey of our membership, the average net income of an AIC active member is $79,000. Our members indicated that as an AIC-designated appraiser, hard work is rewarded with higher incomes, with many of our members earning six-figure salaries. Now is a great time for recent university graduates and those looking to change the direction of their careers to consider becoming an AIC-designated appraiser. Learn more about education requirements and paths to designation by reading Path to AIC Designation.