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COVID-19 Information for the Public

AIC Statement on Vaccines and Ongoing Pandemic

Consumer COVID-19 FAQs

1. I need to get an appraisal report on my property, will an appraiser enter property to inspect it?

The COVID-19 emergency may change the method by which the appraiser writing the report carries out an inspection of your property. 

You can expect that Public Health Authority directives for social distancing and self-isolation may prevent them from entering your property to perform an in-person interior inspection.

How to work with your appraiser to complete the appraisal process.

2. Is there any information about my property I could have ready for the appraiser?

If the appraiser is unable to perform an in-person interior inspection of your property, you could be asked to provide:

  • interior photos of your property to the appraiser to be included in the report in place of photos that they would normally take themselves during an in-person interior inspection of your property.
  • A video tour of your property carried out by video-calling, FaceTime, WhatsApp, etc. – if you are willing and have the technology to do so.
  • any building specifications that you may have
3. How else can the appraiser collect information on my property?

AIC members are advised to follow the guidance and advisories of Public Health Authorities.  This could mean that they may be unable to fully inspect your property.  Appraisers know how to access government and third-party data that will provide information about your property.

Any information that you are able to provide can help to create a fuller description of your property in the report.

Appraisers typically drive to your property to gather information about the exterior and the surrounding neighbourhood.  Appraisers will continue to practice follow PHA including physical distancing and using PPE.

4. Will a bank or mortgage insurer accept a report during the COVID-19 emergency that has been completed in an alternative fashion?

Everyone in the real estate industry is taking Public Health Authority guidelines and advice seriously and is working together to ensure that we are doing all that we can to help our governments fight this disease including accepting that alternatives to the normal course of business may be required during these trying times.

A full appraisal, with an interior inspection by an AIC Member, is the most accurate method but most banks, private lenders and mortgage insurers will continue accepting alternative appraisals by AIC Members.  If a full appraisal is not appropriate because of COVID, a modified appraisal that uses technology is usually acceptable and other limited appraisals may be considered.

Contact your bank or insurer and AIC appraiser to confirm.