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mars 11, 2019 Six astuces Instagram pour les évaluateurs

ATTENTION: Il est rappelé aux membres que la législation en matière de protection de la vie privée exige qu’ils obtiennent toujours le consentement du propriétaire

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septembre 12, 2018 Due Diligence – When Is It Due?

Disclaimer: Content reflects the opinion of the authors, and does not necessarily reflect AIC positions. Most readers of appraisal reports are accustomed to the usual

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avril 13, 2018 Future of Work: Ready or Not, Here I Come! (How) Will Professional Real Estate Services Providers Thrive in the Emerging Economy?

While regional and neighbourhood analysis have been traditional components in real estate analysis and valuation, global perspectives are now first required for meaningful analytics and credible value conclusions. Real estate supply is local; market demand is global.

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mars 9, 2018 Accelerating Innovation in Commercial Real Estate

Virtually every industry is currently working to create greater value through process efficiencies, better data and analytics and new applications that help to streamline business,

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février 21, 2018 Technology and Real Estate Services: Job Killer or Creator?

The future ain’t what it used to be.   Yogi Berra Technological change is affecting all aspects of our work and personal lives –including how, where

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janvier 23, 2018 Appraisal Report Writing – Tips for Improving your Product

The appraisal report is the primary way the results of the appraiser’s research, analysis and conclusions are conveyed to intended users. It is an important

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novembre 27, 2017 The Changing Retail Landscape: What are the Alternatives and What are the Opportunities for Appraisers?

In the era when department stores once reigned, retail icons such as Towers, Woolco and K-Mart earned healthy margins. The only way to enter the

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novembre 1, 2017 AIC’s 10 Financial Tips to Property Owners during Financial Literacy Month

During Financial Literacy Month, the Appraisal Institute of Canada encourages property owners to do their own due diligence to determine the real value of their

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octobre 31, 2017 Lack of Strategic Property Tax Planning Leaves Assets at Risk of Underperformance

With the recent upward cycle in the commercial real estate (CRE) market, both property values and property tax disbursements are reaching record highs. As the

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août 25, 2017 The Day the World Changed; Carpe Diem!

This is a follow up article to: The Day the World Changed for Appraisers (found here). On January 1st, 2015, the world changed for appraisers

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