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Affiché 2022/05/13
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Date de clôture: 2022/06/30
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CDC was founded in 1996 and since inception has completed all types of real estate valuations across Canada. Service types are residential, commercial, industrial, multi-residential, meat processing plants, farmland, development land, seed cleaning plants, ultra-executive homes, remote properties, grain elevators, canola plants, large-scale farming operations, indigenous land and some of the largest feedlots in Canada. Our approach is diverse in the scope of our services, training all individuals to be able to apply strong concepts to a wide variety of projects. Our appraisers are trained to complete the most difficult of appraisals and take on unique projects. Our data resources are extensive, technology is cutting edge to create efficiencies for our clients. Our unique and modern approach allows CDC to attract leading professionals while serving a full range of clients, geographies and property types. 

CDC is currently offering Machinery and Equipment Appraisals. Our senior designated appraiser has over 35 years’ experience leading the team. 

CDC is currently looking for talented individuals in the following cities: Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec City, Atlantic Canada and Vancouver. 

The following positions are available:

  • Commercial and Residential Research Assistants
  • Commercial and Residential Candidate Appraisers
  • Commercial and Residential Designated Appraisers
  • Agricultural Research Assistants and  Designated/Candidate Appraisers

If you are interested in any of the positions, please send your resume to