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Affiché 2021/09/27
Type de membre Student Member
Déménagement: yes
Déplacement: yes
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I am currently enrolled in the respective courses to complete my candidacy membership by the end of this year. I have an in-depth working knowledge of real estate as I have been a realtor for the past 2 years as well as personally investing for much longer. I applied and was accepted to UBC's Post-Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation last year. Largely due to my undergraduate degree in Finance from Western University, I was able to enroll in the fast track program with UBC.
In addition to my educational background, I have a dedicated work ethic with a hint of grit, attesting to my determination and drive. I have meticulous attention to detail and find satisfaction in meeting deadlines with a busy schedule. I am naturally a numbers person and excel working on a project-to-project basis.
My goal is to start my path in pursuit of my AACI designation with the right firm where I will learn the best industry practices. A firm that is willing to build on top of my foundation of real estate knowledge, and invest in me as an appraiser.