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If you have a degree, the first step is to complete the following courses:

These courses are offered online. Once you have completed, apply to your AIC Provincial Association  to become a Candidate Member. Within the first 12 months of becoming a Candidate Member, you will also be required to successfully complete the mandatory 2-day Professional Practice Seminar. You may choose one of the two available formats:

  1. distance/self-directed version (including written exam) or
  2. two-day classroom session (including a written exam)


Next, select which designation you want to work towards and complete the academic and applied experience requirements (it is recommended that you synchronize the completion of your education requirements with the completion of your mentored applied experience requirements).



  Click to register for courses in English Click to register for courses in French   Work Product Review – Sample work product is required to demonstrate compliance to CUSPAP.

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The final step is to complete AIC’s designation requirements, including:

  • For Candidates Doing English Courses:  Guided Case Study
  • For Candidates Doing French Courses: Case Study currently in development



You are now a designated appraiser! As a Designated Member you are now required to maintain credits towards Continuing Professional Development (CPD) to ensure you keep up with industry trends and professional practice requirements.


* Certificate in Residential Valuation

If you have completed a degree, plus a micro-economic (BUSI 100) and macro-economic course (BUSI 101) or a recognized equivalent, you are eligible for the Certificate in Residential Valuation . The Certificate in Residential Valuation is a “fast-track” to the CRA Designation and requires five AIC Courses. UBC will determine if a Candidate has the required pre-requisites for the Certificate in Residential Valuation program.

Candidate Members Policies

All Candidate Members must adhere to the following policies:

  • Deadline to Complete Designation – an AIC designation must be completed within 10 years of becoming a Candidate Member.
  • Candidate Co-Signing – any appraisal reports signed by a Candidate Member must be co-signed by an AIC-Designated Member who is responsible for adding the Candidate Member to the AIC’s Candidate Co-signing Registry.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – a Candidate Member must be enrolled in AIC’s Professional Liability Insurance Program.


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