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The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) is a self-regulated professional association that is responsive, transparent and accountable to the public. AIC is committed to educating consumers and clients about the appraisal process to help them understand the roles, responsibilities and expectations of a professional appraiser. In this section, you will find:

Consumer Guidesinformation that consumers and clients need to know about the appraisal process
Canadian Property Valuation Magazineour quarterly publication that discusses appraisal issues and allows visitors to search online for specific topics of interest

Candidate Co-Signing Registry Look-upan online tool for clients to confirm the membership status of our Candidate Members

Industry Linksconnections to partners that AIC collaborate with to protect Canadian consumers

Addressing Your Concerns if you have a concern about an AIC member, this page will provide step-by-step instructions on how to bring your complaint forward to ensure your questions and concerns are answered


These resources will demonstrate how AIC Members help sustain real estate valuation fundamentals every day, for every type of property and in every community across Canada.

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