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Posted: 2021/11/08
Member type: Any
Closing Date: 2021/12/30
Contact Province: New Brunswick
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East Coast Calling - rESIDENTIAL Real Estate Appraiser Needed – sAINT jOHN New Brunswick

Appraisals (Fundy) Ltd is an independent consulting Firm providing reports and studies associated with real property for individual clients including Private Clientele, Banks/Credit Unions, Private Lenders, Government Institutions including the Accounting and Legal Professions. The Firm has been operation since 1969 completing work throughout the Maritimes, however, our day-to-day practice is within the periphery of Saint John in southern New Brunswick.

The experienced individual will step into an established service area within 100 km radius of our municipality which extends to the USA border at the boundary of Maine. The combined population of our service area is nearly 175,000 people with a seaside atmosphere like no other. The individual will be immersed in the rich history and architecture of our area dating back to the early 1800’s, exposing the appraiser to urban centres, rural inland and seaside communities, coastal islands, inland lakes and Acadian forests. Our natural amenities including proximity to the USA border and other Maritime Provinces provides for excellent recreational and leisure weekends to explore our region.

Unlike many areas of the country, an affordable opportunity exists in today’s marketplace for a comfortable residence and the opportunities for future investment. Our region has been experiencing unprecedented growth and investment from all areas of the country, including large scale infrastructure improvements and expansion of core industries. We are seeing a focus on green energy and significant investment in logistics related to the Port of Saint John in establishing a key hub for sea to rail import/export among other things.

Over the years we have been fortunate to be involved in all forms of appraising and consulting matters, including residential, multi-family, commercial, industrial, institutional uses. Our workload continues to evolve in the segment of residential and small-scale multi-family properties within our practice and reward the individual with a very competitive compensation. With more than 50 years of archived information for the Region, we are well positioned to complete a competent assignment whether it be related to present or historical values including market trends established as we have seen it all!

We would appreciate a career minded individual to join our established Firm. The ideal candidate will be enrolled with the Appraisal Institute of Canada, have completed the necessary introductory courses in order to accept responsibility, gained experience in the field, ultimately be certified as a CRA or wish to further their education and practicalities for accreditation under the guidance of senior members.

We all know what is needed to be successful in this industry in relation to; familiarity of core software programs, report writing, efficient time management, motivation and ethical traits so there is no need to list a dozen responsible characteristics.

We look forward to entertaining any interested individual wishing for a quality of life and career with our long standing and reputable Firm. For additional information, discussion or submission, (in confidence), related to this opportunity please forward to