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The Appraisal Institute of Canada is pleased to introduce the AIC Educational Video Library. Throughout the year various “face to face” educational sessions are offered. Those that speak to current trends and priority issues are videotaped with the objective of adding them to the video library. These sessions highlight priority topics of interest for AIC members who are seeking additional learning avenues. These are resources, similar to articles that appear in the CPV. They are not eligible for CPD credits. Should you have any questions regarding the education video library please contact


2017 international valuation conference – education recordings  |   June 8-11, 2017                     Click here to access education session recordings from Appraisal Institute of Canada. 

These are the presentations that were recorded at the 2017 International Valuation Conference in Ottawa, Ontario. Please note that only presentations that have received recording approval from presenters will be listed below. Additionally, the international stream and plenary sessions were not recorded. The presentations are in English only.

Please note: watching the video does not count for CPD credits since AIC is unable to verify this activity.

How to Promote your CRA and AACI Designation Speaker Barry Lebow, CRA  |   June 4, 2010 How to Promote your CRA and AACI Designation from Appraisal Institute of Canada on Vimeo.
Barry Lebow, CRA outlines: how to promote yourself; what media work best; why traditional media are failing; how to stop being a commodity and become a go—to expert; why social media for appraisers are a must today; the dangers of not promoting; the costs of promotion; and how AIC members. Barry Lebow began his career in 1968 and over the years he has evolved into one of Canada’s most recognized real estate professionals. His articles circulate throughout Canada and around the world. As a popular guest speaker and instructor he has appeared before legal and real estate audiences across Canada, the United States, Mexico and other countries. His extensive background has qualified him as an expert witness in over 500 court proceedings, hearings and arbitrations.
IFRS – Research and Learnings from Implementation Abroad Teresa Neto, REALpac | May 29, 2009 IFRS – Research and Learnings from Implementation Abroad: Teresa Neto from Appraisal Institute of Canada on Vimeo.
What can Canada expect when IFRS is implemented in 2010?  What can we learn from Europe and Australia’s IFRS implementation in 2005? Teresa will examine research commissioned by REALpac examining the financial reporting policy choices made by entities abroad related to IFRS, particularly regarding the fair value of investment properties.  The findings of research issued by Harvard University regarding the impact of reporting investment properties at fair value will also be reviewed. Ms. Neto joined REALpac in January 2006 after nine years in the telecommunications industry and is responsible for advising REALpac, its Financial Best Practices Committee and Members, in regard to national and international real estate accounting policy and financial reporting, including managing updates to the Accounting Practices Handbook.  She is also responsible for the planning, development and delivery of REALpac’s training program for real estate accounting professionals.  In addition, Teresa manages the accounting administration and financial reporting for REALpac.


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