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Candidate Member Resource Library

NOTE: This content is subject to change. Please ensure that the most recent version of the policies are updated within your binder.  

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Table of Contents

Candidate Member & Candidate Member Benefits

  1. Professional Liability Insurance
    a. Renewal Overview
    b. FAQ’s for Members
  2. Checklist
    a. AIC Steps to Designation – AACI
    b. AIC Designation Checklist – CRA
  3. Applied Experience Program Guidelines
  4. Professional Practice
    a. Candidate Co-Signing Sheet
    b. Professional Practice – Info Sheet
  5. Professional Development
    a. CPD Policy
    b. How to add CPD credits
  6. Work Product Review (WPR)
  7. Applied Experience Program (AEP)
    a. Applied Experience Written Exam
    b. Exam Writing Strategies
    c. Examination Dates and Centres
  8. Professional Competency Interview (PCI)
  9. PCI – Application Form
  10. Resources
  11. Contacts
    a. Professional Association
    b. National Association

*NOTE: As part of the Candidate application process, new applicants will be subject to a mandatory Criminal Record Check.