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AIC has a mandatory professional liability insurance program for all members. The program’s objectives are as follows:

  • to create a stable guaranteed source of insurance for members;
  • to ensure adequate coverage can be obtained under reasonable terms;
  • to provide dedicated, professional insurance services to members at a reasonable cost, directly related to the claims experience of the profession;and,
  • to minimize administrative “red tape.”



Members can access the AIC Insurance Program web-portal here. Please have your log-in email and password ready. Should you have any difficulties accessing the AIC Insurance Program web-portal, email aicinsurance@integrogroup.com or call 1-855-619-8AIC (8242) and we will be pleased to assist you.


NOTE: To expedite service, please ensure you indicate you are an AIC member when you contact either company.

Claims or Potential Claims:

Katya Kim | Verity Claims Management | 647-884-5065 | KatjaK@verityclaims.ca | http://verityclaims.ca/ 

Incident Claim Report Form

Insurance, Coverage & Other Matters: Integro Insurance Brokers 199 Bay Street, Suite 4800 Toronto, Ontario, M5L 1E8 phone: 1.855.619.8AIC (8242) email: aicinsurance@integrogroup.com


All members in good standing are covered for the professional appraisal services that they are qualified to provide. The AIC Insurance Policy provides members with comprehensive protection, including:

  • liability coverage with a limit of $2.0 million (per occurrence/aggregate per year)
  • legal and defense costs (these costs often make up a significant portion of any claim costs and are often not covered in other professional liability insurance programs).

Claims are subject to a deductible as stated in the insurance policy wording.  


Appraisers requiring specific paralegal Insurance in accordance with regulations governing paralegals in Ontario may obtain a quote for coverage through the Institute’s insurance broker. Inquiries should be made to Integro Insurance Brokers. Download Paralegal Insurance Coverage Application Form: Word word_icon_smPDF pdficon_small  





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