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Community Networking Reimbursements Now Available!

The Alberta Association wants to encourage its members to attend events held by other organizations to heighten the AIC brand, increase awareness of the AIC and help identify likeminded organizations with which the AIC could support and align promotion efforts.

In communities across Alberta, a variety of events are held throughout the year – luncheons, business mixers, AGMs, seasonal events etc., that members could attend to network and promote the AIC.

In an effort to encourage members to participate, the AIC-Alberta will be reimbursing the cost of attendance at such events to a maximum of $40 per event. There will be a limit of one event per person to allow for all members to take part in this networking opportunity.

The submission for reimbursement will include a short form questionnaire about the event, including the where, who, when and your opinion regarding the reactions that you, as an AIC member, perceived.

With Community Networking, we can raise awareness about the AIC and at the same time, you can obtain greater awareness about local issues and engage with movers, shakers and clients in your community. This is more than good business practice, it’s good citizenship practice.




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