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Professional Competency Interview (PCI)

Competency Interviews are held in Ontario three times each year to coincide as close as possible with the release of written exam results.   

The WINTER Session has been scheduled for THURSDAY MARCH 8, 2018 and FRIDAY MARCH 9, 2018.   The Hyatt Regency in Downtown Toronto is the location. 

Contact Patricia Pannozzo to schedule your interview

  Application for Designation – Ontario

  Credit Card Authorization form – Ontario

 How do I apply for the Interview? To apply for this interview you need to forward a copy of your letter showing your passing grade for the AEP written exam or forward a copy of your UBC course history which will also show successful completion of the written exam. You can either email or fax this to the AIC -Ontario Office.  
Can I apply for the interview if I have not yet received my exam results? No, you must have everything completed prior to applying.  
What is the cost to apply for the interview? and what type of payment is accepted?  The application fee is 420.00 + HST (474.60). You can forward payment by cheque made payable to The Ontario Association AIC or pay by credit card (Mastercard and Visa).
What do I need to submit for this interview? and where do I send the information to? One you have forwarded proof of passing the AEP written exam to the AIC Ontario office you will be sent a letter which will detail everything you are required to submit.
 What if I wish to prepare in advance?  If you wish to prepare in advance you will need

  1. Resume
  2. Three written reference letters. One from a Designated member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada
  3. Progress Report signed by yourself and your mentor of record.

The progress report is available is word format  

 Is there an application? Yes, you can download the application above. Application for Designation, however this application will not be processed unless all required information is received.  
Is there a deadline for submission? All paperwork must be received by the AIC – Ontario Office –  ideally 21 days prior to the scheduled interview dates. 


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