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Dear AIC – Ontario Members;


I would first like to thank Joe Kireta for his service this past year as president and being an important mentor, preparing me for my term as President.  I would like to welcome Murry Visser as our President Elect.


I am excited to be working with him and the rest of our committee Ontario Board in serving the  membership.  I hope to continue the positive momentum and inclusive culture with Murry that has been cultivated at the Board Level.  We hope to attend as many events as we can on behalf the membership.


As I sat at my desk to write the introduction to this newsletter, I could not help but realize just how much I have learned since the very first moment I showed up in Toronto hotel to attend my first Provincial Board meeting.  What I quickly discovered when I started on this board % years ago is that I met an incredible group of dedicated staff and volunteers who truly care about where this this appraisal profession is going.



2017-2018 Ontario Board of Directors


Left to Right – Paul Duarte, Dino Giulliani, Murry Visser, Tyler Cockburn, Claudio Polito, Kim Passmore, Suzanne de Jong, Steve Rocca, Lora Wylie, Joe Kireta.



Held its’ AGM on June 8th in Ottawa where I took over the role as your President for the 2017-2018 year.  At the conclusion of our AGM, we moved quickly to the opening events for the AIC International Valuation Conference.


The Conference was a huge success.  I think everyone enjoyed the interactions with our American and International colleagues.  Massive thanks to the National Board and Staff for their hard work and commitment in making this conference such a memorable one.


Vikki and I were fortunate to attend a dinner meeting earlier in the week where Francesco Sorbara MP from Voughan-Woodbridge was a guest speaker.


Listening to a Federal Minister talk about how the appraisers role is a valued part of the financial system in Canada is testament to the years of hard work advocating to get into the ear of these offices.


I can tell you that this board and staff is dedicated to doing its part in this province to continue to advance and raising the profile of the appraisal profession.


This year we adjusted Conference scheduling holding the Ontario AGM on June 8th 2017 and our conference will be October 25 – 27 2017 in Niagara Falls.



Chapter Events


May 11, 2017 – Toronto Chapter

Katayoun Baheri Wayne Crawford.


Congratulations to Katayoun Baheri!

Katayoun was the recipient of the Connie Van Roy scholarship.  She was presented with the first 1/2 of the scholarship funds by Whyne Crawford Toronto Chapter Chair.


Wayne Crawford – Maroof Mohammed

Congratulations to Maroof Mohammed AACI, P.App.

Maroof attained his AACI in March 2017 as was his designation certificate by Wayne Crawford.


Are you a candidate member of the Toronto Chapter???





York Chapter – May 26th

Boat Cruise

Sixty plus member’s and guests enjoyed a cruise of the Toronto Harbour.  Although the weather didn’t totally cooperate, the AIC – Ontario Staff and York Chapter members enjoyed a great evening.  Special thank you to Gord Summerville with the help of Patricia Pannozzo for organizing this event.

A 50/50 draw was held and a $550.00 dollar donation was made to Habitat for Humanity!!!






Our Newly Designated Members June 2017

June 22 and 23 Ontario held Professional Competency Interviews (PCI) at the Chelsea Hotel Downtown Toronto.

We are thrilled to congratulate our 22 newly designated members on their accomplishments.


Kim Siemens – Marzia Akbary, AACI – Lora Wylie – Rick Michalski


Peter McLean – Thomas Campana, AACI – Rick Michalski 


Glenn Fletcher – Paula Malcolm-Schaller – Tracy Dimock, CRA – Ed Saxe


George Maurice – Lora Wylie – Chris Gulsoy, AACI – Rick McArthur


Ed Saxe – George Maurcie – Michael Harrison,  AACI – Rick McArthur


Peter McLean – Marcus Korman, AACI – Rick Michalshi


Glenn Fletcher – Lora Wylie – Ron Kozan, CRA – Ed Saxe


George Maurice – Michael Lambrech, AACI – Lora Whlie – Rick McAcArthur


Rick McArthur – Kim Siemens – Samuel Linds, AACI – Paula Malcolm-Schaller


Rick McArthur – Robert McFarlane, AACI George Maurice


Glenn Fletcher – Paula Malcolm-Schaller – Scott Mackenzie, CRA Ed Saxe


Glenn Fletcher – Paula Malcolm – Schaller – Michael Mamone, CRA – Ed Saxe


Rick Michalski – Tito Mashetty, AACI George Maurice


Kim Siemens – Hoa Nguyen, AACI – Lora Wylie – Rick Michalski


Kim Siemens – Paula Malcolm-Schaller Dylan Osborne, AACI – Rick McArthur


Glenn Fletcher – Lora Wylie – Robert Patterson, CRA – Ed Saxe


Glenn Fletcher – Paula Malcolm-Schaller Zachary Read, CRA – Ed Saxe


Gleen Fletcher – Lora Whlie – Chantal Sansoucy, CRA – ED Saxe


Rick Michalski – Robert Solnick, AACI George Maurice


Peter McLean – Vid Stambolovic, AACI – George Maurice


Rick McArthur – Matthew Thrift, AACI – George Maurice


Rick Michalski – Wendy Tuckwood, CRA – Paula Malcolm – Schaller – Rick McArhur


AIC International

Valuation Conference

Dan Brewer – Glenn Fletcher


Glenn Fletcher was awarded the Presidents Citation at the National AGM.  Well deserved Glenn!!!



2017 Presidents Award of

Excellence was award to


Jennifer Cusack

AACI, P.App.


Dan Brewer accepted the

award on behalf of Jennifer


As a general rule Jennifer prefers to stay out of the spot light, preferring to work tirelessly in the background.  She always engages with our New Candidate members to ensure they are welcomed and feel comfortable at Chapter meetings, ensuring they are introduced to other members and advised of the opportunities and benefits of being a volunteer.


She is the quiet leader, the unassuming individual who always gets the job done because she cares.  She is a team player who ensures we all strive to be professional in all we do.  She always has the best interest of the members and the profession in everything she does.  She represents everything that is good, kind and progressive with the AIC.






Jennifer and thank you for

everything that you do!


June 27th

Sudbury/Sault Ste Marie!!!


Vikki and I had attended the Chapter meeting held in Sudbury at the Idylwylde Golf and Country Club.


It was a great evening and a wonderful opportunity to meet our members and some new candidates.


Thank you to Jeff Marsh, Tyler Cockburn, Rick St. Denis and Gerry Rouleau (Chapter Executive) for the warm welcome and the opportunity to speak to your membership.


Tyler Cockburn – Region 7 – Director and Steve Rocca


We are working to strengthen government and stakeholders relations so that they know who we are and what we do.  We recently sat on the provincial government’s round table to advise them how to implement their mandatory home energy audit program that is set to launch in 2019. 



On June 28th

Vikki Leslie and I, along with Keith Landcastle, Andre Hannoush and Peter McLean President Elect AIC hosted several lenders to C.D. Howe institute event


“How to cool Toronto’s housing prices.”


I hope this practice continues at future industry related events with our stakeholder’s to further our recognition.


Visiting and supporting the chapters is a goal of mine for the upcoming year.  Helping them find the speakers they need… keeping our growing membership engaged.


Keeping members engaged is incredibly important in cultivating the next generation of leaders in this organization.


We always have a need for volunteers and I believe they are cultivated at the chapter level.


Please feel free to contact me or Vikki, we would love to join you at your next chapter meeting.


Wishing all of our members and their families a prosperous, safe and fun summer and I hope to see you at our Fall Conference in Niagara this October.



Steve Rocca CRA, President AIC – Ontario



The AIC Ontario Fall Conference will open with registration and a Welcome Cocktail registration on Wednesday October 25.


Our Host Hotel for 2017 is the Hilton Falls View in Niagara room rates. $149.00 per night quote group code AICO. or book


online HERE.


Top up your CPD credits for this cycle and enjoy networking, education and fun.



Join up – Register Online


Full Conference 9 CPD credits



Thank You to our retiring

Board Members …

Leaving our board this year we said goodbye to Robin Jones and Eric Tworo.  We thank them both for their dedication and commitments to the AIC Ontario. 


Eric Tworo – Robin Jones – Joe Kireta.


Robin Jones – Joe Kireta – Steven Rocca



AIC ON Welcomes our Newest Board Members!

Welcome to Tyler Cockburn, Region 7 & and Oliver Tighe, Region 6.  

Thank you for your commitment!





PPS SEMINAR 2017 this is the

final year of this two year cycle!!!


If you have not takem the PPS seminar in 2016 or 2017 you will need to complete the one day PPS before December 31, 2017.


If you are not sure if this applies to you contact anyone in the AIC – Ontario office and they will let you know.






September 14


September 21 


September 22

Thunder Bay

October 4 


October 5 


October 18 


October 19


November 8 


November 16


Book now, there will be no further sessions offered for this cycle.





The AIC – Ontario will hold its next board meeting prior to the fall conference in Niagara Falls in October this year.

Your Board is there for you and you can reach them with your concerns or issues.

Region 1- Suzanne de Jong

Region 2 – Kim Passmore

Region 3 – Claudio Polito 

Region 4 – Lora Wylie 

Region 5 – Murray Visser – President Elect 

Region 6 – Oliver Tighe 

Region 7 – Tyler Cockburn 

At Large – Dino Giuliani 

At Large – Paul Duarte

Past President – Joe Kireta

President – Steve Rocca


Other Events

April 19, 2017

CMBA Gala Night, Universal Event Space


CMBA Gala April 19, 2017

Heather Medland, Patricia Pannozzo and Vikki Leslie from the AIC ON office joined AIC ON President Joe Kireta at the CMBA Gala. 


April 20 – 21, 2017

CMBA Trade show and Conference


May 10 – 11, 2017

Realtor Quest, Toronto Congress Centre

Thank you to Calvin Brown, Ed Saxe, Bob Carruthers, Patricia and Amanda for helping at the trade shows.


May 2017

M & E 201 Machinery & Equipment course Mississauga Ontario.



The AIC – Ontario would consider running the second course in this program providing we have enough interest. 


Please email…


If you wish to continue with this course of study.










Appraisal Institute of Canada – ONTARIO

5407 Eglinton Avenue West, Suite 104, Toronto, Ontario M9C 5K6 Canada




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