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Types of Membership

To learn about AIC’s membership opportunities, review Membership Categories.

Apply to Become a Member

If you have less than two years of post-secondary education, your Path to Designation can begin with applying to become a Student Member of AIC. To begin this process, complete the Student Membership Application Form.

If you hold a university degree, or have at least two-years of post-secondary education from an accredited college, CÉGEP, or university, your Path to Designation begins with:

These courses are offered online. Once you have completed these, you are ready to contact AIC-SK to apply to become a Candidate Member. Complete and submit the Candidate Member Application Form. Within 12 months of becoming a Candidate Member, you must complete the two-day Professional Practice Seminar (PPS). The two-day PPS is offered regularly in a classroom setting by your provincial association and a distance version is offered through the national office. Click for info and to register. Following completion of the Professional Practice Seminar, Candidates must complete an education and applied experience requirement.

Education and Applied Experience


If you have chosen to become a Canadian Residential Appraiser (CRA), you are required to pass seven (7) University of British Columbia (UBC) courses or equivalent. If you have chosen to become an Accredited Appraiser Canadian Institute (AACI), you are required to complete 15 University of British Columbia (UBC) courses, or equivalent. Guided Case Studies are also a requirement to achieve both designations. Details of the education requirements can be found here.

Applied Experience Program

While completing the education requirements, Candidate Members can apply with AIC-SK for the Applied Experience Program. Applicants to the Applied Experience Program must:

  • be a Candidate Member in good standing;
  • have successfully completed the Professional Practice Seminar;
  • identify an appropriate mentor; and,
  • submit an Applied Experience Enrollment Agreement.


  • CRA – minimum of one year of mentored applied experience within the last two years preceding the application of sitting the CRA designation AE written exam.
  • AACI – minimum of two years of mentored applied experience within the last four years preceding the application of sitting the AACI, P.App designation AE written exam.

Work Product Review

Candidate Members are required to submit three (3) pieces of work product for review. These submissions should be staggered throughout the candidacy and must be compliant with the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP).Each submission must meet the review requirements before the next report can be submitted. All three (3) WPRs must be satisfactorily completed to be eligible to register for the Applied Experience (AE) Written Exam.

Written Examination

The Applied Experience Written Examination is administered by the University of British Columbia (UBC) and assesses the members’ understanding of the First Principles of Value as they relate to experiential knowledge. The examination consists of one case study question (worth 40% of the marks), selected by the candidate from at least four options provided and three short answer questions (worth 60% of the marks) based on work experience, again selected from a set of at least seven options.

Professional Competency Interview

The Professional Competency Interview is the final step on the Path to Designation. It is based on Behavioral Descriptive Interview Techniques and is carried out by trained examiners for candidates who have passed the Applied Experience Written Examination. A satisfactory answer is required for each of the five competencies.

Please contact us for more information.


Reinstate your Membership

Former members of AIC may be reinstated, subject to the criteria for reinstatement as established by the Board of Directors. Details on the exact requirements for reinstatement are outlined in the General Policies on Reinstatement. Reinstatement is initiated through AIC-SK and is subject to payment of the applicable fees. Please contact us directly to determine the cost to reinstate.

Apply to Become an Associate Member

Those wishing to join AIC as an Associate Member must complete an Application for Associate Membership and return it to the national office of the Institute in Ottawa. Please contact us if you are interested in becoming an Associate Member.

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