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Under CUSPAP, AIC members are unable to co-sign any work involving non-AIC Members


Through our pilot project, the AIC is committed to providing our Members with the tools necessary to work efficiently and compete fairly while ensuring compliance to CUSPAP.  More specifically, the AIC recognizes the qualified technical assistance that can be provided to our Members to assist them in growing their business.


In Québec, there are post-secondary institutions offering 2-3 year programs that result in students obtaining certificates or diplomas for those wishing to work in the appraisal profession. Through these programs, the potential exists for these individuals to work towards a professional appraisal designation with the AIC through the Université de Laval (in French) or the University of British-Columbia (in English).


Parameters of the pilot project

The pilot project will allow Designated AIC Members in Québec to co-sign with Qualified Non-AIC Members holding the Chartered Appraiser (or Évaluateur Agréé (É.A.)) from l’Ordre des évaluateurs agréés du Québec and with Qualified Non-AIC Members.


To join as a Qualified Non-Member, the individual must provide the AIC with the following documents:

  • Transcript of post-secondary studies completed in Evaluation. A minimum of 2 years in the field of evaluation is mandatory.
  • Copy of their Diploma in Evaluation.
  • Current résumé.


Applications must be submitted to Antoinette Schieda, the Executive Director for the AIC’s  Québec Association.  The committee will then review the documentation to ensure compliance.  Once approved as a Qualified Non-AIC Member, the individual will be required to obtain Professional Liability Insurance with AIC’s recognized insurance broker, Integro Broker Services. 


Individuals holding the É.A. designation are not required to obtain insurance through Integro but are required to have third party professional liability insurance.


Professional Liability Insurance requirements

Trisura, AIC’s Underwriter for its Professional Liability Insurance Program has developed a professional liability insurance program that is separate and apart from the AIC’s Insurance Program and which has been specifically designed for Qualified Non-AIC Members.


Stand-Alone Insurance policy for each qualified non-AIC member

This policy is a stand-alone policy for each Qualified Non-AIC Member and must include an endorsement that the coverage is dependent upon the Qualified Non-AIC Member’s work being co-signed by a specifically named AIC-designated Member. The Qualified Non-AIC Member’s insurance policy must be endorsed by a Designated AIC Member who shall be named in the Qualified Non-AIC Member’s policy.


A Qualified Non-Member can have more than one AIC-Designated Member endorsing their policy (as co-signer), at no additional cost.


An AIC-Designated Member can co-sign more than one Qualified Non-Member, subject to AIC’s co-signing policy. 


All questions related to the Québec Pilot Project for Qualified Non-Members, as well as the accreditation programs under the Université Laval and the University of British-Columbia can be directed to  Antoinette Schieda at or at 1-888-551-5521 ext. 244.


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