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Posted: 2024/01/03
Member type: Candidate Member
Employment type: Contract
Salary range: Negotiable
Relocate: yes
Contact City: Nigel, South Africa
Contact Province: Alberta
Contact Email: Protected Email


In addition to having 13 years' experience as residential property valuer in South Africa I obtained experience in real estate appraisal on a remote basis assisting an appraisal practice in Nova Scotia. I have experience working with Paragon MLS, PVSC, ViewPoint, GeoNova, and have assisted in the drafting appraisal reports on the RPS and NAS platforms. I am available for a 5-day working interview to demonstrate the skills and competencies described in my resume in practise. Additionally, please note that if successful, I am available to perform all functions, as may be practical, remotely from South Africa, either on an on-going basis or pending completion of a visa application. Please so not hesitate to contact me by email at or via WhatsApp at number +27 82 445 7000 should you require more information or be interested in arranging a meeting on an online platform of your choice for further discussion.