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Posted: 2021/07/07
Member type: Candidate Member
Employment type: Permanent Full Time
Salary range: Negotiable
Relocate: yes
Travel: yes
Contact City: Whitby
Contact Email:


My name is Preeya Persaud and I am a real estate professional currently working as a Property Management Officer at CIBC Trust Corporation.

In my role as Property Management Officer, I play an instrumental part in managing the real estate assets owned by CIBC’s Private Wealth clients, reducing liability and mitigating risk to CIBC Trust, and sustaining cross-functional relationships both within and outside of the bank.

I have recently completed the UBC/AIC Post-graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation with the aim of becoming a designated AACI.  I am eager to use the knowledge I have acquired to support the rapidly growing property valuation industry. I am confident that my property management, risk management, and knowledge of the commercial real estate space positions me as a viable candidate for any role.