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Posted: 2022/05/31
Member type: Student Member
Travel: yes


Education --> Bachelors of Business Administration - University of Toronto --> Institute of Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (C.P.A. Ontario) - Member in good standing --> Post Graduate Certificate in Valuation - University of British Columbia - Exp 2023 --> Appraisal Institute of Canada - Student member pursuing A.A.C.I. Designation Technical and Professional Skills --> Can conduct research and synthesize conclusions from multiple sources.  Prepared residential appraisal reports and conducted market research as part of academic course work. --> Financial modeling knowledge gained from education and work experience (Cash Flow, NPV, Payback Period, Financial Statements etc) --> Knowledge of construction methods and standards gained from project delivery --> Knowledge in valuating/estimating repairs and replacements of interior and exterior building components Communication and Personal Skills --> Can clearly derive, communicate and substantiate conclusions derived from work performed --> Good at managing multiple deliverables and prioritizing as needed --> Can balance competing interests and educated stakeholders on best course of action --> Always ready to learn and grow professionally --> Flexible with time and goal oriented