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Posted: 2019/03/01
Member type: Candidate Member
Salary range: Negotiable
Relocate: yes
Travel: yes
Contact City: Calgary
Contact Email: moc.l1566631462iamg@1566631462ikore1566631462hcy1566631462


From working as a business analyst and property asset analyst, I am very familiar with what, where and how to gather information from various sources. I have excellent communication skills and recognize the importance of being a team player and believe in fantastic customer service and collaboration with others to resolve problems and achieve common goals. Also, my current mortgage broker experience gave me various real estate market knowledge.

I have completed an undergraduate degree in Economics and a Master of Business Administration course in University of Calgary. Also, I am a candidate member of AACI and will complete PGCV courses soon. (I am currently taking the last course of PGCV program). Studying Economics gave me how to achieve the micro and macro market forecast using various data from different sources, and MBA courses taught me various analysis skills, team work, meeting dead line in limited time. To get these skills, I had to learn how to be well organized and process task in timely manner. Above these skills, PGCV-AIC course work gave me how to use my skills in property assessment industry.

I am passionate and always punctual on my task. I am flexible and able to work various schedules and I will enjoy for additional training that I need to complete job properly .I believe my attributes and experience would make me the ideal candidate to fulfill this position.

Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Yours , truly