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Posted: 2024/01/23
Member type: Student Member
Employment type: Contract
Salary range: Negotiable
Travel: yes
Contact City: Toronto
Contact Province: Ontario
Contact Email: Protected Email


Good Day, My name is Sophie, and I am a Toronto based Realtor with 15 years of experience working on behalf of Commercial and Residential Buyers, Sellers and Landlords. With an interest in continuous learning and expanding skill sets, I have also provided Real Estate Property & Asset Management services, and have formalized this knowledge through the Certified Property Manager (CPM), and Fellow of the Real Estate Institute (FRI) designations. Currently a Student Member of the AIC, I am registered in the AACI Fast-Track program at UBC. After February 2024, once the Foundations Course is completed, I will be eligible to apply for Candidate Membership. Please feel free to reach out to me; and I would be pleased to discuss potential opportunities at your organization. Thank you, Sophie Karagiannis