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AIC Candidate Member - Kieran Murphy

Kieran Murphy

PLEASE NOTE: AIC Candidate Members are appraisers-in-training who work under the supervision of AIC-designated appraisers. They are required to obtain professional liability insurance coverage under AIC’s Insurance Program and be registered in AIC’s Candidate Co-signing Registry.

Candidate Member

Kieran Murphy

S.W. Irvine & Associates - Guelph, ON
Fee Appraiser A member who prepares or assists in the preparation of an appraisal report and the report is provided to a third party that relies upon it.
Co-signer: Ms. Kim Passmore, AACI, P.App.
Co-signer: Brandon T. Wilcox, AACI, P.App
Areas Served
Property Types
Kieran brings a breadth of experience to his role at S.W. Irvine & Associates. A foundation of management accounting, gained through his Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) degree, provides an analytical approach to valuation. Kieran has expanded his knowledge with roles in mortgage financing, and in operations and financial management in the industrial, residential and commercial construction sectors. Kieran is currently enrolled in the Post Graduate Certificate in Real Property Valuation Program at UBC’s Sauder School of Business in pursuit of his AACI, P.App designation with the Appraisal Institute of Canada.