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Congratulations to our Newly Designated Members who were

interviewed on June 22rd & 23rd, 2017 in Toronto. 

Marzia Akbary, AACI, P. App

Michael Mamone, CRA

Thomas Michael Campana, AACI, P. App

Tito Mashetty, AACI, P. App

Tracy Dimock, CRA

Hoa Nguyen, AACI, P. App

Christopher Gulsoy, AACI, P. App

Dylan Arthur Osborne, AACI, P. App

Michael Harrison, AACI, P. App

Robert James Patterson, CRA

Marcus P. Kormann, AACI, P. App

Zachary Graham Read, CRA

Ron Kozan, CRA

Chantal Sansoucy, CRA

Michael Lambreach, AACI, P. App

Robert Solnick AACI, P. App

Samuel Linds, AACI, P. App

Vid Stambolovic, AACI, P. App

Robert Bruce MacFarlane, AACI P. App

Matthew Thrift, AACI, P. App

Scott Mackenzie, CRA

Wendy Lynn Tuckwood, CRA
AIC-ON: PROUDLY SERVING APPRAISAL PROFESSIONALS WITHIN ONTARIO The Appraisal Institute of Canada – ON (AIC – ON) is the provincial association of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) within Ontario. Established in 1960, AIC-ON represent approximately 1800 members and delivers AIC’s member programs and services within the region.  AIC-ON’s objective is to serve the profession and the public by implementing policies and programs to ensure members  interests are advanced and the public is adequately protected.


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