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2021 Ottawa Real Estate Forum

2021 Ottawa Real Estate Forum

2021 Ottawa Real Estate Forum | October 13th and 14th 2021 | 10:00AM- 2:00 PM ET

The National Capital Region Real Estate Market:
How is it Really Performing?


The 27th annual Ottawa Real Estate Forum will continue the tradition of providing valuable insights on the market trends, issues, strategies, and opportunities in Canada’s National Capital Region. 

Program Sneak Peek? Learn about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic across the real estate property classes and the market overall. Discussions will focus on what is facilitating growth in Canada’s sixth largest real estate market and how it is continuing to perform from a leasing, investment and development perspective through a turbulent eighteen months. 

The Ottawa Real Estate Forum will help you determine what strategies to follow for 2022 and beyond.



2021 Calgary Real Estate Forum

2021 Calgary Real Estate Forum

2021 Calgary Real Estate Forum | October 20th & 21th 2021

In April 2021, the 10-year $1B Downtown Revitalization Plan was approved by City Council with an initial investment of $200M. The Plan seeks to convert some 12 million sq.ft. of currently vacant office space into residences and create amenities throughout the greater downtown, attracting people and talent to the city’s centre. With over half of the Plan’s funding dedicated to revitalization and conversions, the hope is some of the excess space in the downtown core will be reimagined and turned into other feasible uses. As technology companies such as Benevity and Infosys are calling Calgary home and renewed space becomes available for the needs of more tech companies, the city is poised for growth and is preparing itself for a bright future.

Join us on October 20 & 21 for the 23rd annual Calgary Real Estate Forum, being held virtually. The Forum has evolved since its inception in 1998 to become the largest annual conference on investment, development, leasing and financing in Calgary.

How will the Calgary market perform over the next twelve months? What are prospective opportunities and future challenges as the pandemic hopefully subsides?

This will be an information-packed Forum focusing on the interests of asset managers, brokers, developers, investors, and other professionals active in the acquisition, development , leasing, financing and management of office, industrial, retail, and multi-residential real estate. The information will help you determine what strategies to follow for 2022 and beyond.

We hope you will take advantage of this once a year event and look forward to welcoming you over the two days.


University of British Columbia Sauder, School of Business

University of British Columbia Sauder, School of Business

UBC Sauder Provided Courses

The Real Estate Division offers a series of short online Professional Development courses aimed at satisfying real estate practitioners’ continuing education needs. All courses are offered through distance education in a self-study format (with an online quiz) or a live webinar.

Click the link below to find courses earning CPD Credits:

UBC Sauder CPD Course List


Ontario Expropriation Association

Ontario Expropriation Association

Ontario Expropriation Association | Event Calendar


The OEA is a non-profit, voluntary association of professionals having an interest in the field of expropriation law and practice.

The association is designed to promote understanding of the expropriation process, provide input to related legislation, and advance the intellectual, professional and social interaction of its members

Click here to view OEA’s Event calendar!

Canadian Club Toronto

Canadian Club Toronto

Canadian Club Events


Canadian Club Toronto is Canada’s preeminent public affairs podium. Since 1897, we have served an ambitious and important mission: to connect Canadians with world-class leaders and newsmakers and be a leading platform for influencers to engage Canadians on what matters most. 

Over our 120 year history as a not-for-profit organization, we continue to be a forum for Governors General and Prime Ministers, CEOs and Nobel laureates, scientists, artists and innovators. We have a proud tradition of hosting national and international leaders in politics, business, social innovation and the media, and our ​subscribers and audiences are drawn from an equally diverse and distinguished group of leaders.

Canadian Club Toronto addresses routinely generate national coverage across multiple platforms. In addition to reported media coverage and our in-person audience of several hundred people, we make our programming accessible to all Canadians through broadcasts on cable television and webcasts, available online. Events run between September and June in downtown Toronto.

 As an independent, not-for-profit, we make all our events open to the public. Tickets can be purchased online or through our office at 416-364-5590.

Carson Dunlop

Carson Dunlop

Commercial Building Structures Course


$80.00 CAD

The Commercial Building Structures Course outlines the basic components of commercial buildings and discusses the role of each structural element, including footings, piles, foundations, beams, girders, curtain walls and open web steel joists. You will learn how to recognize common performance problems. Illustrations and photos make the learning easy.

Earn 3 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits with this quick and easy correspondence course. Instant access, online testing and instant results allow you to earn your credits quickly from the comfort of your own home, on your own time. The course material is available as an easy PDF download with your order receipt.