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Canadian Property Valuation Magazine

Canadian Property Valuation magazine is a leading industry publication, distributed to AIC’s entire membership, partners, libraries and national/international subscribers. It is the only national magazine dedicated to serving the Canadian appraisal community and features important technical and industry-related articles written by AIC members who are experts in the field as well as leading industry authorities. Download the most recent issues of the magazine below.

Interested in contributing an article?

We invite submissions for CPV magazine and accept articles from 600 – 2800 words. A high-resolution photo and a very short bio of the author are required.

Article Submission Deadlines for 2023:

  • BOOK 1: Friday, February 3, 2023
  • BOOK 2: Thursday, April 6, 2023
  • BOOK 3: Friday, July 14, 2023
  • BOOK 4: Friday, October 6, 2023

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The “Search CPV Articles online” feature provides readers with the opportunity to identify articles related to specific topics and appraisal terms, by author, or by issue. Simply type in the search term and all the articles that include that search term will be listed below. You can click on the title of the article to read it online or access an Adobe Acrobat version (.pdf) to print. Furthermore, the digital version of the whole magazine is accessible by clicking the “Interactive Digital Version”.

Earn CPD Credits for authoring

Note: Through the AIC Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program, the maximum number of CPD credits obtainable during a 2-year cycle for published authoring is 10. The credits are based on the actual number of hours worked.

If you have any questions or suggestions or would like to submit articles to be published in the CPV, contact Brandyn Hayes.

2024 – Volume 68 – Book 1
  • Executive Corner: Interview with Outgoing AIC President Claudio Polito, P. App., AACI
  • Legal Matters: Aboriginal Title – An Interest in Land?
  • Advocacy in Action: AIC Views on the 2024 Federal Budget
  • EDI: Connection – An Antidote to Adversity
  • Arbitration and Appraisal: Rent Reset Issues
  • Can Private Investment Solve the Affordable Housing Shortage?
  • And More!


2023 – Volume 67 – Book 4
  • Executive Corner: New AIC CEO Donna Dewar
  • Advocacy in Action: Parliament Hill Day Recap
  • The Future is Bright: Julie Dubé, P. App., AACI, É.A., and Pardeep Punia, P. App., CRA
  • Appraising Agricultural Properties: Trends and Considerations
  • Loss of Use Analysis
  • EDI: Why the Hype?
  • The Time is Now for Canada’s Appraisers to Develop an ESG Valuation Strategy
  • And More!
2023 – Volume 67 – Book 3
  • New AIC President: Adaptable and Prepared for the Unexpected
  • The “G” Element in ESG
  • Demonstrating the Value of Authentic Female Leadership
  • Valuing Hotels in Tumultuous TImes
  • And more !
2023 – Volume 67 – Book 2
  • Integrating Climate Risks
  • Stories Behind the Real Estate
  • Professional Appraiser Branding
  • Tyler Beatty Top Appraisers Under 40 Recipients
  • And more!
2023 – Volume 67 – Book 1
  • AIC’s 2022-23 President, Suzanne de Jong, AACI, P.App: Building and realizing the AIC of tomorrow
  • The Future is Bright: A conversation with Hayley Buskas, Candidate
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI): An invitation to the table
  • And More!
2022 – Volume 66 – Book 4
  • AIC’s 2022-23 President, Suzanne de Jong, AACI, P.App – Career success built on passion
  • Intuition and its role in the Direct Comparison Approach
  • Arbitrating ‘fair market rental’ in commercial rent reviews
2022 – Volume 66 – Book 3
  • Our future will be shaped by how we adapt to change
  • Evaluating Your Most Valuable Asset: You!
  • 2022 AIC National Conference Recap
  • Landlord’s Covenant of ‘Quiet Enjoyment’ v. Landlord’s Covenant to Repair
2022 – Volume 66 – Issue 2
  • Expert witness immunity
  • FACT vs FICTION: Do not let these four appraiser liability myths trip you up
  • Using probability distribution and variance to select the best overall capitalization rate of a property
  • Collateral damage: a brief history and the effects of housing discrimination in Canada
2022 – Volume 66 – Issue 1
  • Unconscious bias in appraisal
  • What will 2022 bring for commercial real estate?
  • The Future is Bright: Ensuring career success by making the most of his educational journey
  • Women in appraising II
2021 – Volume 65 – Book 4
  • The shifting landscape of big cities
  • Average and its role in real estate appraisal
  • The Future is Bright: Nicholas Jang
  • The benefits of volunteering at AIC: A secret too well kept
2021 – Volume 65 – Book 3
  • The Secret 5G Building Assessment Crisis
  • Positive Real Covenant Enforceable as a Contractual Obligation
  • Understanding and Overcoming our Biases
  • Shaping (Y)our Future
2021 – Volume 65 – Book 2
  • Diversification is the key to success
  • Contrasting expropriation and police powers
  • Solar panels on a small apartment building
  • What to do with a slightly used office building
2021 – Volume 65 – Book 1
  • Diversity at AIC
  • Women in Appraising
  • Financial Leverage: A Double-Edged Sword
  • The Age of Virtual Hearings
  • Long Term Leases: Rent Reset Analysis
2020 – Volume 64 – Book 4
  • The changing face of commercial real estate appraisal
  • ‘Shaping our Future’ Task Force
  • Adapt your business to the new reality
  • The valuation of difficult properties
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety during COVID-19
2020 – Volume 64 – Book 3
  • Aspects of appraising in Nunavut
  • CUSPAP and the Common Law
  • The great office space realignment
  • Valuing specific land claims: Historical CSI (Crime Scene Investigation)
2020 – Volume 64 – Book 2
  • Agricultural appraisal guidelines provide clearer direction on farmland appraisals
  • Real estate damages: the appraisal of properties impacted by detrimental conditions
  • Legal Matters‘ Market value’ versus ‘normal value’ in economically depressed time
  • Preserving the future of the residential appraiser
  • Appraisers operating during the worldwide pandemic
2020 – Volume 64 – Book 1
  • Advocacy: AIC Members at Parliament Hill / Testifying on the Hill
  • Will AI steal your job?
  • Co-signing – The backbone of AIC future
  • Issue in valuing: Heritage conservation properties
  • Aspects of the AIC discipline process – the Contract and the Charter
  • Valuation of church properties
2019 – Volume 63 – Book 4
  • An analysis of partial takings and contributory value in the context of various court decisions
  • The commercial real estate market is changing… but are appraisers?
  • Launch of CUSPAP 2020
  • Shaping our Future
2019 – Volume 63 – Book 3
  • Net Zero Energy homes constitute revolutionary change in homebuilding
  • New rules and regulations for using drones in your appraisal practice
  • Professional Practice Matters – Your input matters more than you realize
  • Marketing & Communications – 14 social media best practices you should
  • Why are you on my land? Property easements are forever (almost)
2019 – Volume 63 – Book 2
  • A sea change is upon us
  • An “across the fence” approach for valuing a right of way across a hydro corridor
  • How to attract a complaint
  • Appraising of an offshore island
  • Preparing for an Adjudicating Hearing
  • Legal Matters – ‘Unimproved’ property and rent re-set provisions
2019 – Volume 63 – Book 1
  • Canadian Cannabis Production and Research Facilities
  • A Forensic Appraiser’s Perspective: Government Overpaid for Land Relying on Unauthorized Appraisal
  • Contamination remediation costs and expropriation compensation Tanex Industries Ltd. v. Greater Vancouver Water Distric
  • Competency and the appraiser
2018 – Volume 62 – Book 4
  • Cannabis Legalization: Caution Required When Disclosing Personal Information in a Report
  • Is this a Bubble and Is it Bursting ?
  • Going-concern appraisals vs. Business Valuations
  • Who can provide professional assistance?
2018 – Volume 62 – Book 3
  • Property rights: where do they come from and what do they mean?
  • Legal privilege and its application to appraisers
  • Green home appraising: a developing market segment
2018 – Volume 62 – Book 2
  • Accelerated innovation in commercial real estate
  • Canada’s National Housing Strategy
  • Improve your appraisal writing skills
  • Appraiser Duty of Care – Lessons Reinforced Royal Bank of Canada v. Westech Appraisal Services
2018 – Volume 62 – Book 1
  • Commercial Real Estate Tech Upgrade
  • Legalization of Marijuana is Changing Real Estate Landscape
  • Are Property Taxes Reflected in Market Price?
  • Around the Globe: Unique Challenges in the Carribean

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