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2013 – Volume 57 – Book 1

Canadian Property Valuation Magazine

2013 – Volume 57 – Book 1

  • Canadian Property Valuation vol 57
  • Forced Sale Valuation
  • Tribunal Appraisers
  • HR Trends in Appraisal Industry

Issue Articles

2013 – Volume 57 – Book 1
Are You a ‘Reasonable Appraiser?’
David Babineau
By David Babineau, AACI, P. APP, FELLOWVolunteer, appeal sub-committee A search for the phrase ‘how to be a reasonable appraiser’ on Google will get over 3,000,000 results in about half a minute. However, the first result is a link to…...
2013 – Volume 57 – Book 1
Forced Sale Valuation
Iain Hyslop
By Iain Hyslop, AACI, P. App.Volunteer Chair, Standards Sub-Committee Requests for appraisals with the estimated value to be based on a ‘forced sale’ premise are common. These requests are usually to assume a shorter than typical marketing period, sometimes with…...
2013 – Volume 57 – Book 1
Mortgage Fraud: Red Flags and Warning Signs for Valuation Experts
Nathalie Roy-Patenaude
By Nathalie Roy-Patenaude (AACI, P.App), Director, Professional Practice “March is Fraud Prevention Month. Fraud-related offences are now thought to be as profitable as drug-related offences, estimated at between $10 and $30 billion annually in Canada by the RCMP’s Commercial Crime…...