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2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1

Canadian Property Valuation Magazine

2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1

  • Injurious Affection and HVTL Corridors
  • Using CUSPAP to Build a War-Torn Afghanistan Economy
  • Valuing Solar Energy
  • Best Practices – Examples from the Field

Issue Articles

2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1
CRA Diversification
Stephen Otto
Here is an example of how a CRA has successfully diversified his practice. Assessment Appeals How did you get started doing assessment appeals? I was contacted by an individual, who had been referred to me by a local law firm.…...
2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1
Best practices – examples from the field
Allan Beatty, Peter Lawrek, Gordon Tomiuk, David Babineau, John Shevchuk, Robert Robson
A collaboration by the volunteer members of the Appeal Sub-Committee:Allan Beatty, AACI, P.APp, Fellow; Peter Lawrek, AACi, P.App; 
Robert Robson, AACI, P.APp, Fellow; Gordon Tomiuk, AACI, P.APp, Fellow; David Babineau, AACI, P.APp, Fellow; and John Shevchuk, AACI (Hon) This article…...
2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1
Appraiser’s Requirement of ‘Good Faith’
John Shevchuk
IntroductionThis is the second part of a consideration of the phrase ‘good faith’1 in the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) Code of Conduct (Code):Members of the AIC pledge to conduct themselves in a manner that is not detrimental to the…...
2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1
East meets west in the heart of the Silk Road
Jeremy Brooks
East meets west in the heart of the Silk RoadUsing CUSPAP to build a war-torn Afghanistan economy 
By Jeremy Brooks Two weeks after U.S.-led forces captured the Iraq capital of Baghdad in 2003, Philip Smith was dispatched to the city…...
2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1
Injurious Affection and HVTL corridors
Daniel Doucet, Norris Wilson, Paul Bender
A study of quantification of value loss related to expropriation IntroductionIn 2007, Altus Group undertook a study of injurious affection (loss in value to the remainder of property after takings by expropriation) related to the Bruce to Milton 500-kV transmission…...
2016 – Volume 60 – Book 1
Valuing Solar Energy (Part 1)
Nathalie Roy-Patenaude
Engaging individuals, property owners and communities in generating clean energy to sell to the grid is a win-win for everyone. Cleaner energy, contributing to the greenness of the planet and getting paid to do it – it does not get…...