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2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1

Canadian Property Valuation Magazine

2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1

  • Crossing the Data Chasm in CRE
  • Draft Reports
  • Policy Options with Alberta Farmland
  • Small Income-Producing Property Appraisals
  • Expert Witnesses: Assessment of Credibility

Issue Articles

2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1
Expert witnesses: assessment of credibility
John Shevchuk, LLB, AACI (Hon.)
Barrister & Solicitor, C.Arb, AACI(Hon) Previous columns in this publication canvassed the requirements now imposed upon appraisers appearing as expert witnesses before courts and other tribunals. It is now routine for Rules of Court to expressly state the duty of…...
2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1
Draft Reports: When are they appropriate? What are your obligations?
Antoine Hacault, LLB
Antoine F. Hacault, Barrister & Solicitor, is an associate member of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, takes CUSPAP courses, is an editor of Sauder School of Business Valuation texts, and is a regular presenter at appraisal conferences. Have you ever…...
2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1
Stay out of Trouble: Some Dos and Donts if you want to avoid a Professional Practice Complaint
Patricia Cooper, AACI, P.App, Stan Jugovic, AACI, P.App
Co-authored by Pat Cooper, AACI, P. App., Chair, Adjudicating Sub-Committee and Stan Jugovic, AACI, P. App., Adjudicating Sub-Committee Between us, we have 20 years of volunteer experience on the Investigating and Adjudicating Sub-Committees. While we cannot say that we have…...
2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1
Policy Options with Alberta Farmland Assessments
Jeff Nutting, AACI, P.App
Policy options with Alberta farmland assessments By Jeff Nutting, AACI, P. App., AMAA. Jeff has been involved in the appraisal profession for over 20 years and is currently a lecturer at Grande Prairie Regional College in Alberta. Current policies Alberta…...
2017 – Volume 61 – Book 1
Crossing the Data Chasm in CRE: Having the Right Tools is Just the Beginning
Colin B. Johnston, AACI, P.App
By Colin B. Johnston, AACI, P. App., President of Altus Group’s Research, Valuation and Advisory Division in Canada, and one of the country’s pre-eminent valuation and advisory professionals, with a particular emphasis on investment grade assets. Technology and data continue…...