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Professional Excellence Bulletins

The following Professional Excellence Bulletins are meant to raise awareness on areas of potential professional liability and exposure in ordinary day-to-day practice, and to suggest best practices that can help prevent liability insurance claims and/or professional practice complaints. They are not intended to set out all professional/ethical responsibilities or regulatory requirements, nor to identify all valuation or theoretical aspects of the subject matter. Most bulletins make reference to appraisal assignments and reports; however, members are reminded that similar provisions may apply for other professional services (review, consulting, reserve fund planning) as defined under CUSPAP. Please refer to the relevant Standard to ensure compliance. Members are encouraged to suggest topics and/or writers for future bulletins by contacting the AIC at


The Appraisal Institute of Canada(AIC) would like to acknowledge the following AIC Members (and non-Members) for their contributions over the years to the development and/or updating of the Professional Excellence Bulletins.

David Babineau AACI, P.App, Fellow
D. Allan Beatty AACI, P.App, Fellow
Kevin Dingwall AACI, P.App
Larry Dybvig AACI, P. App
Joan Holmstrom
Iain Hyslop AACI, P.App
John Ingram AACI, P.App
Brian Kobelsky AACI, P.App
Peter Lawrek AACI, P.App
Mark Tweedy
Michael Martyn AACI, P.App, Fellow

Susan McKay
Robert Patchett LL. B, CD
Denis Rivard
Nathalie Roy-Patenaude AACI, P. App
John Sheldrake AACI, P.App
John Shevchuk AACI (Hon)
Bob Thompson AACI, P.App
Gordon Tomiuk AACI, P.App, Fellow
Brian Varner, AACI, P.App
David Weber
David Wilson AACI, P.App

Professional Excellence Bulletins