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Committees play an invaluable role in administering and advancing the goals and objectives of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC). Committee members help influence the goals, objectives and outcomes of the organization and receive their authority from and are accountable to AIC’s Board of Directors.

Executive Committee  current roster
The Executive Committee is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the affairs of AIC in accordance with policies and actions approved by the Board.
Audit and Finance Committee  current roster

The Audit and Finance Committee assists the Board in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities by reviewing and making recommendations regarding all AIC financial affairs.
Nominating Committee   current roster

The Nominating Committee oversees nominations for AIC members and others to serve on committees.
Communications Committee  current roster

The Communications Committee supports the Strategic Plan objectives of achieving profile for AIC members, focusing on Promotion and Advocacy, including a branding strategy. The goal is to achieve these conditions:

  • AIC members having increased presence and influence; and
  • AIC members being sought after for input on public policy matters; and
  • increased brand recognition
Admissions and Accreditation Committee (AAC)   current roster

The AAC oversees all matters regarding learning and education for AIC, including entry requirements, designation requirements and Continuing Professional Development (CPD). With respect to the preceding, it is AAC’s responsibility to:

  • Make decisions on curriculum and administrative matters;
  • Act as an advisory resource to the Board on matters of fundamental change;
  • Advise the Board on all matters regarding the Applied Experience and Mentoring Programs for AIC Designations (AACI and CRA);
  • Take responsibility for:
    • Establishing and documenting the professional qualities, skills and abilities required of designated members of the Institute, which may include creating and utilizing needs analysis instruments;
    • Producing a Syllabus which outlines key competencies and provides recommendations on the content of the courses in the AIC – Program of Professional Studies and Continuing Professional Development;
    • Undertaking research on foreign qualifications in conjunction with UBC, and;
    • Undertaking such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Board.
Professional Practice Committee (CURRENT ROSTER) composed of these subcommittees:

Investigating Sub-Committee  current roster

The Investigating Sub-Committee considers and investigate complaints regarding the conduct or professional services (appraisal, review, consulting, reserve fund planning) prepared by any member of AIC.

Adjudicating Sub-Committee  current roster

The Adjudicating Sub-Committee hears all allegations against members referred to it by the Professional Practice Advocate.    

In addition, the Adjudicating Sub-Committee hears appeals of decisions made by the Counsellor, Professional Practice.    

Appeal Sub-Committee  current roster

The Appeal Sub-Committee hears all appeals by Members or the Professional Practice Advocate against decisions of an Adjudicating Sub-Committee.   

In addition, the Appeal Sub-Committee hears all appeals relating to mandatory Continuing Professional Development and Admissions.    

Standards Sub-Committee  current roster

The Standards Sub-Committee is responsible for establishing, reviewing, improving and promulgating standards of professional appraisal practice and ethics, and such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Board. The Standards Sub-Committee is also responsible for recommending to the Board proposed amendments to the Institute’s Ethics Standard. The Board has the authority to review other material prepared by or on behalf of the members for advice with respect to compliance with The Standards.

Peer Review Sub-Committee  current roster

The Peer Review Sub-Committee is responsible for advising the Board on all matters regarding the development of a program of independent peer review of a members’ written work product (appraisal, review and consulting) and such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Board.

Bylaws Regulations and Procedures  current roster

The Committee is responsible for reviewing material prepared by or on behalf of the various AIC Committees and/or producing material for advice with respect to By-Laws, Regulations and Procedures and such other duties and responsibilities as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Board.
Conference Committee  current roster
The Conference Committee is responsible, in concert with the AIC Conference and Meetings Planner, for the organization, planning, and implementation of the annual conference of the Appraisal Institute of Canada.
The Research and Development Committee oversees the Research and Development Fund which is registered by the Canada Revenue Agency as a “Registered Canadian Charitable Organization” within the meaning of the Income Tax Act. The Research and Development Fund supports research studies in the field of real property valuation techniques and procedures, with particular emphasis on the effects of current economic development and real property value. The Institute encourages research that supports its mission to protect the public interest and support members by ensuring high standards of professional real estate and related property advisory services. Consideration will be given to projects related to the application of existing valuation techniques to new areas as well as the development of new concepts in valuation.

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