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Our Current issue:  2016 – VOLUME 60 – BOOK 2 new_en
In this issue . . .
  • CUSPAP, The Ontario Expropriations Act and Jurisdictional Exception
  • Valuing Solar Energy CPV-Book-2-2016-cover
  • KPIs: Valuable Insights or Just More Paperwork?
  • Limited Market, Special Purpose Valuation Revisited
  • CRA Diversification – Impaired Properties
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    2016 – VOLUME 60 – BOOK 1 
    In this issue . . .
    • Injurious Affection and HVTL Corridors  
    • Using CUSPAP to Build a War-Torn Afghanistan Economy 
    • Valuing Solar Energy
    • Best Practices – Examples from the Field
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    2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 4 
    In this issue . . .
    • Understanding Reserve Fund Studies  cpv-book-4-2015-cover
    • The Use of Graphs in the Appraisal Process  
    • CRA Diversification
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    2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 3
    In this issue . . .
    • Transforming the Real Estate Industry and Valuation Using Technology Our Current issue:  2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 3
    • What it Takes to become an Expert in Expropriation/Litigation
    • Managing Contamination of Real Property


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    2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 2
    In this issue . . .
    • Lansdowne: A Success Story of Redevelopment in Ottawa 2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 2
    • CMHC Rental Housing Market Information
    • The Valuation of Distressed Properties


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    2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 1
    In this issue . . .
    • Commercial Real Estate in 2015 2015 – VOLUME 59 – BOOK 1
    • Expert Witnesses – Update Moore v Getahun
    • Learning Growing Meeting Challenges Head On
    • Protecting Yourself Against Valuation Fraud
    • Reading the Whole Report
    • Tools of the Trade
    • Wine Industry Reinvention (Extended Version of Article)
    • Work Product Review


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