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W.C. McCutcheon Award

The W.C. McCutcheon Award, created to mark AIC’s 80th anniversary, is an esteemed award named after AIC’s first president in 1938. The award is granted to outstanding volunteers of the Appraisal Institute of Canada who have been long-standing committee volunteers and have demonstrated leadership and commitment to the Institute. These volunteers continually go “above and beyond” in sharing their time, expertise and experience to advance the appraisal profession.

Nomination Process and Criteria

  • Member must be in good standing with Appraisal Institute of Canada
  • Member cannot be on the current AIC Board of Directors
  • Member cannot be a previous recipient of the award
  • Member must have a minimum of 15 years of combined volunteerism on national committee(s), working groups, programs, initiatives, etc.
  • Award with winner name, award name & year
  • Jpeg file of award name and year for email signature, business cards, marketing collateral, etc.(available after the AIC Annual Conference)
  • Formal presentation of the award at the 2022 AIC Annual Conference
  • Complimentary AIC Conference pass (2022 Conference) 

STEP 1 –  Complete Application Form 

~Please note: Self-nomination is not accepted. Nominations must come from peers.

Click here to download the form in Adobe PDF

Click here to download the form in Word

STEP 2 – The Application Form must be sent to by March 15th, 2021 12:00 pm EST.

STEP 3 – All submissions are filtered for eligibility by the AIC, recommendations are sent to the National Board of Directors for final selection at the Board Meeting.

STEP 4 – Once approved, the winner will be contacted and advised that they have won the award.

STEP 5 – The award will be presented at the 2022 AIC Annual Conference.

2021 Recipients

This year’s recipients are :

  • John Sheldrake, AACI, P. App
  • Philson Kempton, AACI, P. App
  • Kenneth Hollett, AACI, P. App
  • Darrell Thorvaldson, AACI, P. App



  • Craig Soderquist, AACI, P.App


  • Allan Beatty, AACI, P. App, (Fellow)
  • Patricia Cooper, AACI, P. App
  • John Manning, AACI, P. App