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 AIC How To Value Your Renovations

The value of increasing the selling price of your property. The value of enjoying the renovated space. The value of maintaining the worth of your property. How To Value Your Renovations pdficon

  Consumer Guide, 2014For information on what to expect for a residential appraisal, please refer to “A Consumer’s Guide to Understanding the Residential Appraisal Processpdficon_small   Industry Guide_en_2014-2The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) has developed this guide to provide current and prospective real property owners and investors with advice and guidance. Industry Guide to Understanding the Fundamentals of Real Estate Appraisal. pdficon_small
park-cover-eThis Parking Guideline is intended to outline best practices for estimating the market rent for parking spaces.   smart-renovations Interested in knowing the best investments to make on your property to have a good return on your investment?  Read  Tips to Choosing “Smart” Home Renovationspdficon_small    Advocacy brochureAn overview of The Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC) and why our members are Canada’s real estate appraisers of choice. pdficon_small_advocacy brochure
 mortgagefraud_en Mortgage Fraud: Red Flags and Warning Signs for Valuation Experts pdficon_small   geo_tagging_en Geo-tagging:  Geo-tagging Photos Allows Certainty and Can Streamline a Report pdficon_small   googleearth_en Google Earth:  An Invaluable Tool for Valuation Professionals pdficon_small
investigativepractice_en For complete details on the Institute’s professional practice complaint resolution process, please refer to the AIC’s Consumer Guide: Professional Practice Investigations pdficon_small   professionalpractice_enFor a step-by-step guide to the AIC’s professional practice complaint process, please refer to the Consumer Guide To Professional Practice Complaint    


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