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President’s Citation

The President’s Citation is one of most prestigious awards that is granted to volunteers of the Appraisal Institute of Canada (AIC). The Award is granted at the discretion of the outgoing President – and granted to long-standing committee volunteers who have demonstrated leadership and commitment.

2019 Recipients

The President’s Citation is given in recognition of the leadership and commitment demonstrated by some of our long standing volunteers.

This year’s recipients are:

  • Christopher Whyte, AACI, P.App,


  • Dallas Maynard, AACI, P.App.


  • Daniel Doucet, CRA, P.App, (Fellow)

Past recipients



Dan Brewer, AACI, P.App

Deana Halladay, CRA, P.App

Shelley Poirier

Sheila Roy

Mike Schulkowsky, AACI, P.App



Dan Brewer, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Glenn Fletcher, CRA, P.App

Phil Kempton, AACI, P.App

Terry Brooke, AACI, P.App

 2016  Daniel Doucet, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Mike Schulkowsky, AACI, P.App

Rosmarie Buxbaum

2015 Scott Wilson, AACI, P.App, Fellow Cherie Gaudet, CRA. P.App

Linda Hastings, AACI, P.App

Mario Musso, AACI, P.App

Michael Lee, AACI, P.App


 2014 Dan Wilson, AACI, P.App, Fellow Michael Wootton, AACI, P.App

John Shevchuk, AACI (Hon.)

Laura Kemp, CRA, P.App



 2013 David Shum, AACI, P.App, Fellow


Pat Cooper, AACI, P.App, 

Robert Telford, AACI, P.App

Deana Halladay, CRA, P.App

Orville Lim, AACI, P.App

Garry Doucette,AACI, P.App

Tyler Beatty, Candidate Member



 2012 Michael Mendela, AACI, P.App, Fellow  Peter Lawrek, AACI, P.App, Fellow


2011 Grant Uba, AACI, P.App, Fellow


Deana Halladay, CRA, P.App

Beverley Girvan, AACI, P.App, Fellow

George Semine, AACI, P.App



2010 Sheila Young , AACI, P.App, Fellow AMC Task Force Members:

  • George Ward, AACI, P.App
  • Dan Wilson, AACI, P.App
  • Paula Malcolm-Schaller, CRA, P.App
  • Dino Giuliani, AACI, P.App
  • Richard Graves, CRA, P.App
  • John Hutchinson, AACI, P.App
  • Greg Wilkinson, AACI, P.App


2009 George Maurice, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Paul Olscamp, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Beverley Girvan, AACI, App, Fellow

Craig Soderquist, AACI, P.App, Fellow



2008 None Awarded  


2007 Paul Olscamp, AACI, P.App, Fellow


Michael Garcelon, AACI, P.App

Blair Sinclair, AACI, P.App 




David Highfield, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Best Practices Steering Committee Members

  • Wayne Crawford, AACI, P.App
  • Jean-Pierre Gagnon, ÉA
  • Richard Lahaye, AACI, P.App
  • James Racine, AACI, P.App
  • Doug Rundell, AACI, P.App


Wayne Kipp, AACI, P.App

David Babineau, AACI, P.App, Fellow



2005 Brian Duncan, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Laurent Brosseau, AACI, P.App, Fellow

Certificate of Recognition:

  • Louis Poirer, AACI, P.App
  • Chris Dumfries, AACI, P.App