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Honorary AACI

This membership category instituted in 2007 is awarded to individuals who are ethically above reproach; publicly recognized as leaders in business, law, academia, and other professions; and, contribute to the Institute’s advancement of the profile, respect, body of knowledge, and advocacy of the valuation profession. The Honorary AACI is granted at the discretion of the National Board of Directors.

Recipients from 2017
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André Gravelle, AACI (Hon.)
British Columbia

André began working with AIC in the 1990s, as the old AIC education program started to lose momentum and UBC and AIC decided to collaborate and develop the AIC Program of Study. In 2002, when UBC became the sole provider of AIC English Education, André took on the responsibilities of the day-to-day business of the Real Estate division. André continues to show immense dedication to the AIC Program of Study, and plays a vital role in the Admissions and Accreditations Committee.

John Bridal, AACI (Hon.)
British Columbia

John has played a key role in the AIC education program since the 1990s, and has been integral in the success of the UBC/AIC collaboration. Since UBC became the sole provider of AIC English Education, John has been responsible for the development and delivery of the courses, and he works with AIC members who are employed as tutors, professors and content providers. John is a vital member of the Admissions and Accreditation Committee, and plays an active role in lending his expert advice and experience.

Keith Lancastle, AACI (Hon.)

Since joining AIC 6 years ago, Keith has made a significant difference in the Institute. He has been strategic, open and collaborative; has changed the culture of AIC to be member driven and member-centric; and has provided incredible leadership that has elevated the profile and reputation of the profession to new heights.

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