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2013 – Volume 57 – Book 3

Canadian Property Valuation Magazine

2013 – Volume 57 – Book 3

  • Valuation at Canadian Airports
  • Power Line Easements Require Thoughtful Consideration
  • Confidentiality and Disclosure Requirements
  • PWGSC Champions Real Estate Co-Op Program
  • Work Product Review: A New Requirement for Designation

Issue Articles

2013 – Volume 57 – Book 3
The Application of Multivariate Regression Analysis in Expropriation Matters
George Canning
By George Canning, AACI, Canning Consultants Inc., London, ON Injurious affection can be the most difficult form of land compensation to prove before any court of law. The claim for compensation is a right under the law, but that does…...
2013 – Volume 57 – Book 3
Valuation at Canadian Airports
Christine Shepherd, Larry Dybvig
By Christine Shepherd and Larry Dybvig, AACI Abstract. The Canadian Appraiser would like to add valuation advice to the topics it covers, and asked the authors to prepare this article. Canada’s airports are important generators of employment, government revenue, and…...