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The Appraisal Institute of Canada publishes the following forms, templates and samples for use by its Members.

Resources to assist in implementation of the AIC Full Residential Appraisal Form – 0118:

  • FAQ :  AIC has compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding the new AIC Full Residential Appraisal Form – 0118. Click here to read the FAQs. 
  • Webinar Recording: For the convenience of our Members, the CUSPAP 2018 and New Residential Forms webinar was recorded and can be viewed at this link.
  • Presentation: The introduction to CUSPAP 2018 and overview of the AIC Full Residential Appraisal Form presentation can be accessed here.
AIC Residential Appraisal Report – 0118  

pdficon_small AIC Residential Appraisal Report *

*Mandatory effective January 1, 2018 


pdficon_small Cost Approach Addendum

pdficon_small Extraordinary Addendum
pdficon_small Income Approach Addendum pdficon_small Maps Addendum
pdficon_small Market Rent Addendum pdficon_small Photos Addendum
pdficon_small Progress Inspection Addendum pdficon_small Sketch Addendum
Other Forms  
 pdficon_small Interior Photo Consent Form  

Unless otherwise indicated, 0912 and 0404 versions of AIC report forms are not formatted to comply with CUSPAP 2018 and are no longer authorized by AIC for use.

The following companies carry appraisal software: Alamode Telephone: 1-800-252-6633 Bradford Technologies Telephone: 1-800-622-8727 ACI Telephone: 1-800-234-8727


AIC Templates and Samples

Templates for mandatory text that is to be included in a report is provided for the Members’ convenience. Text can be copied and pasted into reports. Samples of letters are provided for the Members’ guidance.

A Member may remove assumptions and limiting conditions that are not relevant or not appropriate to a particular assignment.  Wording may only be modified provided it has the same effect for an assignment; for example, Limiting Condition #17 may be modified to reflect a commercial lending assignment instead of a residential mortgage.

Samples of letters are provided for the Members’ guidance.


  Letter of Engagement

   Scope of Work*




 Ordinary Assumptions & Limiting Conditions (All Reports, Mortgage Reports, Drive-by and Desktop Reports)*



Volunteer Forms 


excel_icon_sm  Expense Claim Form  and Travel Policy for AIC Volunteers

Revised March 15, 2017

pdficon_small  Call for Volunteers Form 2018
pdficon_small   Application for Peer Reviewer – 2013 – fillable  


Work Product Review Forms

 Voluntary WPR Submission Form  


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