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Committee Resources

The Appraisal Institute of Canada would be unable to carry on its important work without the tireless efforts of its volunteers who sit on various AIC standing committees, ad hoc committees and task forces. The Institute is extremely grateful for the dedicated professionals who help develop policy, guide the organization and advance the professionalism of its members. This section of the web site provides centralized access to various resources for the benefit of those who volunteer with the Institute. Use the bookmark option to provide easy access to this page for future reference. 

Mission Statement 

To promote and support our members in providing high quality property advisory services for the benefit of clients, employers, and the public.

Code of Conduct

The Members of the Appraisal Institute of Canada are governed by the Code of Conduct.  

Strategic Plan

In June 2017, the Board of Directors approved the 3-year Strategic Plan as the road map to guide the Institute for 2018 to 2020.  The current version can be found here.


The Appraisal Institute of Canada Bylaws set out the rules of the Institute as approved by the Board of Directors, the AGM and Industry Canada.

Consolidated Regulations of the Appraisal Institute of Canada 

The Consolidated Regulations of the Appraisal Institute of Canada is the primary document that contains the policies and procedures governing AIC policies such as admission, education, experience;  and designations; It also defines the role and relationship between the Institute and the provincial affiliates, professional practice, and the Institute’s liability insurance subsidiary.

  • Regulations are established and can be amended or repealed by the Board of Directors of the Institute In accordance with the AIC Bylaws, proposed amendments are circulated to the Provincial Affiliate offices at least thirty days prior to the Board meeting at which the amendments are considered and voted upon.
  • The current edition of the Consolidated Regulations can be found here.

COMMITTEE TERMS OF REFERENCE The AIC Board of Directors recognizes the valuable role that committees have in the administration and advancement of the Institute. All committees influence the goals, objectives and outcomes of the organization and receive their authority from and are accountable to the Board of Directors. The Terms of Reference for all Committees can be read here. 

COMMITTEE LISTS The lists of AIC Committees and their volunteers can be found here.

AIC EXPENSE CLAIM FORM Expense claims, should be submitted for approval within 30 days of the event to the Appraisal Institute of Canada, 403 – 200 Catherine Street, Ottawa, ON K2P 2K9 – Attention: Finance, or by email to If sending by email, scanned in copies of airfares and receipts are acceptable. Receipts must accompany the Claim Form. The Volunteer Expense Claim Form can be downloaded here. Note that there are 3 pages in the Expense Claim Form:

  • Expense Claim Summary
  • Per Diem Detail
  • Policies

TRAVEL POLICY The Appraisal Institute of Canada’s [AIC] Travel Policy, serves as a guiding principle to ensure persons representing AIC as either a staff member or volunteer, and who are incurring expenses on AIC’s behalf, understand and abide by rules as set out in the travel policy.   Members are requested to submit expenses within 30 days of incurring committee expenses. The AIC Travel Policy can be downloaded from the Members Section of the AIC website. Note that the final page of the Travel Policy has an Acknowledgement Form for you to print and return to AIC.   COMMITTEE REPORT FORMS Committee Activity Report Form Committee Recommendations Form COMMITTEE REPORT DUE DATES Committee Chairs submit reports two weeks in advance of each Board meeting using the Report Form templates provided to Committees.