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Applied Experience

Complementing the knowledge acquired through formal studies is the completion of a Guided Case Study and participation in the Applied Experience Program (AEP). AEP ensures that all newly-designated members have obtained relevant experience in the application of the First Principles of Value in a professional setting, and have developed the Professional Competencies expected by the clients of AIC members. This program provides a framework for candidates to explore and apply the principles of value in real-life work situations, while at the same time gaining necessary qualifying practical experience.

AIC Members applying for designated status must successfully complete:

  1. Work Product Review (WPR), which tests application of CUSPAP;
  2. Applied Experience Exam, which tests the application of First Principles of Value; and
  3. Professional Competency Interview (PCI), which tests achievement of Professional Competencies.

Members seeking designation are guided in their development by one or more designated members who act as co-signer, supervisor, and/or advisor.

Steps to the AEP: 

1. Complete the required years of applicable work experience

A Candidate is automatically enrolled in the AEP at the beginning of Candidacy. Members seeking designation must complete a minimum of 1-2 years of applicable work experience. See the Applied Experience Policy document for further details.

2. Complete the AE Progress Report

If you are already in the Applied Experience Program and plan on writing the Applied Experience Written Exam in April or June, you can continue using the current Progress Report.   If you have not started completing your Progress Report, please use the online Progress Report.


The AEP Progress report is an online tool to prepare candidates for designation. This form will be used by AIC to evaluate your readiness to proceed to writing the Applied Experience Examination and sit the Professional Competency Interview. The progress report should be completed on an ongoing basis. Instructions on completing the progress report:


  • Fill out this form with work examples that highlight your experiences with First Principles of Value and demonstrate achievement of Professional Competencies.
    • Each First Principle must have 4 examples. Each example must include:
      • report type
      • property address
      • name of co-signer/supervisor/advisor
      • explanation for why this is a good example and outline the contributions you made to the assignment
    • Each Professional Competency must have 4 examples. Each example must include an explanation for why this is a good example and outline the contributions you made to the assignment
  • Note that you may partially complete this and return to it later, as long as you press “Save” at the bottom of the page you’re working on.  When you return to the page, you’ll see the text as you left off.
  • When you are done, you can click “Submit for Review” on the last page. If you left any boxes blanks, it will alert you to what still needs to be filled out.  Once completed, your submitted form will be reviewed by AIC staff and you will be notified of anything further that may be required.
3. Complete the Work Product Review (WPR)

The Work Product Review (WPR) is an applied experience requirement aimed at ensuring members seeking designation are correctly and appropriately applying the Canadian Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (CUSPAP) in their work. For more details, see the WPR webpage.

4. Complete the Applied Experience Exam

The Applied Experience Exam is a written examination that assesses the Candidate’s understanding of the First Principles of Value as they relate to experiential knowledge. Experiential knowledge refers to the wisdom gained from experience and insight in applying academic knowledge to practical situations based on identifiable properties. The AE written examination consists of a combination of case study and work experience questions. For more details, see the AE webpage.

5. Complete the Professional Competency Interview (PCI)

The Professional Competency Interview (PCI) provides a formal opportunity for AIC examiners to assess the member seeking designation with respect to the qualities and competencies in areas considered critical for success in the profession. The PCI interview is conducted online. For more details, see the PCI webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Applied Experience Program 

Do I need to have a mentor?

AIC has phased out its former mentorship program.  However, AIC continues to emphasize the importance of effective guidance during the Applied Experience Program.  This guidance can come from co-signers, supervisors, and advisors.  These will need to be identified as you complete your Progress Report. Candidates are encouraged to seek advice from multiple people, in order to maximize the breadth of professional knowledge achieved.

Do I need to complete an Applied Experience enrollment form?

No, completion of the AE enrollment form is no longer required.  AIC will know who you have worked with through the completion of the online Progress Report.  

How do I get started with Applied Experience? 

For candidate members, you are automatically enrolled in AE upon candidacy.  Your AE work experience time frame starts as soon as you begin appropriate work. For CRA members seeking the AACI designation, your AE time frame starts with your first submission for the Work Product Review (WPR).

Where do I find the First Principles of Value and the Professional Competencies?

The new Applied Experience Policy contains both the First Principles and Professional Competencies.  This can be downloaded for your reference above.

Is there a cost for Applied Experience Program?

There is no cost for the Applied Experience Program.

Does Applied Experience expire?

Applied experience is ongoing while you are working in acceptable areas of valuation. Applied Experience ends upon designation. 

I have been using the old Word Version of the Progress Report, do I need to start over?

AIC will accept the old version of the Progress Report for any Candidate writing the April or June 2019 Applied Experience Exam. Going forward we will only accept the online version. We do encourage all candidates to begin using the online version immediately as it will help prepare for the Applied Experience Exam and Professional Competency Interview.  

How often do I need to update the Applied Experience Progress Report?

Candidates should be continuously updating the AE Progress Report throughout candidacy.  Candidates will receive automatic notifications if there has been no activity on the Progress Report. 

When should I submit the completed Applied Experience Progress Report?

Candidates should submit the final Progress Report upon completion of all of the AIC Designation requirements and are preparing for the Applied Experience Written Exam.