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About AIC – Nova Scotia

AIC-NS is the first point of contact for those in Nova Scotia wishing to join the AIC and to become a registered member of the Nova Scotia Real Estate Appraisers Association (NSREAA). AIC-NS will:         

  • Help individuals become a member of AIC and NSREAA by:
    • Reviewing education and experience of prospective members
    • Providing necessary application forms
    • Processing the applications for Student and Candidate Members
  • Guide members through the designation process by:
    • Liaising with AIC’s education partner, UBC
    • Informing members of current requirements and deadlines
    • Administering the Applied Experience Program
    • Administering the Professional Competency Interviews examinations
  • Seek and post career opportunities for members
  • Organize Professional Practice Seminars within a classroom setting
  • Organize professional development seminars within Nova Scotia to attain Continuing Professional Development (CPD) credits
  • Change membership status for retirement, resignation or compassionate leave, as required
  • Reinstate a membership
  • Provide guidance on how to become a volunteer for AIC
  • Inform members on key issues through newsletters, publications and notices
  • Promote members and the profession through local marketing, promotion and advocacy activities
  • Host provincial networking opportunities and meetings

AIC-NS also assists the public by:

  • Answering inquiries about the appraisal process
  • Providing expert advice to the media on appraisal topics
  • Providing information about appraisal as a career
  • Ensuring that members adhere to mandatory professional standards