Applied Experience Program – CRA

The Applied Experience Program (AEP) ensures that all newly Designated Members, with the help of their mentor(s), have obtained relevant experience in the application of the First Principles of Value in a professional setting, and have developed the professional competencies expected by the clients of AIC members.

First Principles of Value: Critical concepts for the accurate valuation of real property and form the basis for the assumptions you, as an appraiser, will make in reporting to clients.

 Professional Competencies: A competency is defined as a skill, knowledge, ability or behavioural characteristic that is associated with superior performance expected by the clients of AIC members.


While completing the Educational requirements, you may also enroll in the Applied Experience Program with your Provincial Association.

You must:

  1. Be an AIC Candidate member in good standing
  2. Identify an appropriate mentor
  3. Submit the Applied Experience Enrollment Agreement
  4. Have completed the Professional Practice Seminar within the two-year period prior to joining the AEP

You are required to attain no less than one year of mentored applied experience within the last two–year period preceding your application for sitting the CRA designation AEP written exam. Over this period, you are required to record your experience using the AEP – Progress Report.