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Membre stagiaire de l'ICE - Ashita Chandra

Ashita Chandra

À NOTER : Les membres stagiaires de l’ICE sont des évaluateurs en formation qui travaillent sous la direction d’évaluateurs désignés de l’ICE. Ils sont tenus d’obtenir une assurance responsabilité professionnelle en vertu du Programme d’assurance de l’ICE et d’être inscrits dans le Registre de cosignature de l’ICE.

Membre stagiaire

Ashita Chandra

Musso Appraisals & Consulting Inc. - Kitchener, ON
Membre à honoraire
Co-signer: Ms. Ashita Chandra
Co-signer: Ms. Ashita Chandra
Co-signer: Ms. Jennifer Skinn, AACI, P. App
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Ashita is a Candidate member of AIC working towards an AACI designation and has a Bachelor of Commerce degree (Honours). She has been a Realtor for 13 plus years with a wealth of experience negotiating contracts with a strong focus on customer service. She is energetic, detail oriented with strong analysis and a problem solving skills. Resourceful and diligent with varied experience of business administration she goes out of her way to make sure the task at hand is completed to the best of her abilities. She is adventurous and likes new challenges to tackle. She has a long history of volunteering with the local city library and her local refugee action forum as a steering committee member. An enthusiastic student she likes to learn new things. Family, food, books and outdoor adventures are her favorite things!