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Board of Directors

The affairs of the Appraisal Institute of Canada – Prince Edward Island (AIC-PEI) are conducted by a provincial Board of Directors. The Board is comprised of elected representatives plus a national representative who sits on the Appraisal Institute of Canada’s Board of Directors. All elected representatives on the Board of Directors must hold either the AACI or CRA designations of the AIC.

Boyce Costello, AACI, P. App. – Provincial President (2023-2025)

Dean MacKinnon, AACI, P. App. – Vice President (2023-2025)

Bobbi-Jo Reardon, AACI, P. App. – Treasurer (2023-2025)

Scott Wilson, AACI, P. App. – National Director (2022-2024)

Simon Moore, CRA P. App. (2023-2025)

Stephanie Young, CRA P. App. (2023-2025)

Paul MacKay, CRA P. App. (2023-2025)