Appraisal Institute of Canada

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Committees and Volunteers

The Appraisal Institute of Canada – BC Association (AIC-BC) Board of Directors acknowledges the important role that Members have in developing policies and programs to ensure the appraisal profession is advanced. The AIC-BC Board of Directors will set all committee Terms of References. Committees and their volunteers contribute to the goals and objectives of the Association.


Terry Dowle (President, Chair)
Brett Garnett (1st VP)
Edwina Nearhood (2nd VP)
Graham Held (Past President)
Christina Bhalla (Executive Director)


Brett Garnett (Chair)
Leigh Walker
Dan Jones
Christina Bhalla (Staff Liaise)

Member Services

MEMBER ENGAGEMENT – Sandra Behm (Chair)
Cal Cosh
Que Tran Hoang
Rob Ironmonger
Nicholas Jang (Candidate Representative)
Andy Pham
Kathy Porter (Staff Liase) 

RECRUITMENT- Mike Harley (Chair)
Mike Chaster
Bill Dawson
Nav Sandhu
Kathy Porter (Staff Liaise)


Edwina Nearhood (Chair)
Christina Bhalla (Staff Liaise)

Communications (Marketing)

Andre Garon (Chair)
Chris Roworth
Gord French
Mariana Janusic
Luke Venhuizen
Brianne Aberdeen (Staff Liaise)


Graham Held (Chair)
Barton Bourassa
John Tran
David Deng
Christina Bhalla (Staff Liaise)