Appraisal Institute of Canada

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Become a Designated Member

AIC Members are members of their local chapter or region (as applicable), provincial and national offices.

Please note that while AIC-BC aims to respond to all enquiries within 24 hours, application requests typically take 2-4 days to process.

Become an AIC-BC Student Member

If you have less than two years of post-secondary education, your path to designation can begin with applying to become a Student Member of AIC. To begin this process, complete the Student Membership Application Form.

Move Your Membership to British Columbia From Another Province

Please contact us directly to determine the steps required to move your membership.


Members wishing to change their status to “Retired” must fill out AIC’s Retired Membership Declaration form and submit it to their Provincial Association

For more information regarding retirement and resignation, click here

Become an AIC-BC Candidate Member

If you have two or more years of education, or have completed a University degree, your path to designation can begin with applying to become a Candidate Member of AIC. To begin the process, complete the Candidate Application form.

Reinstate Your Membership

Former members of AIC may be reinstated, subject to the criteria for reinstatement as established by the Board of Directors. Details on the exact requirements for reinstatement are outlined in the General Policies on Reinstatement . Reinstatement is initiated through AIC-BC and is subject to payment of the applicable fees. Please contact us directly to determine the cost to reinstate.